Pre-session - Foresight Wednesday

A signal of a possible change - is something that is already happening today, but which can be a clue for the future - if we only listen carefully enough. The next step is to ask ourselves questions such as: "What kind of change does this signal represent?" What direction does it take us?” and "What trend or larger phenomenon is driving us in that direction?" Signal plus drive equals foresight. Foresight is an approach that gives us the power to help shape the future – and not just let it happen. It's not about predicting the future, no one can do that! It is about working with scenarios about the future based on the signals we see and the knowledge we have today. With their help, we can make more informed decisions.


Introduction to the Swedish Innovation Eco-system and Funding Agencies

Learn what makes Sweden one of the top innovation countries in the world. We will present how it all started and what has kept Sweden innovating and pioneering the possible. Get an introduction to the areas of strength and how you can connect with the top actors in Sweden.


We Must Move Faster with Climate Transition

Climate change is real and human activities are the main cause. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere is directly linked to the average global temperature on Earth.


Climate Transition - the Work done in Sweden

What are the top three actions that need to be taken for Sweden in the near future.


How do we Create Resilient Societies for the Future?

What are the key challenges for us to prioritize as governmental agencies focusing on innovation, energy and sustainability?


Resources Needed for the Green Transition

Access to competence has become a critical factor for the transition to a sustainable energy system - not only in Sweden, but also in Europe and globally. Both technological excellence and beginners are needed to accelerate the green transition. Competition for competence is immense, both in business, the public sector, academia and civil society. In this session, we show different paths that Swedish companies have chosen to attract competence to the industry, e.g. own high schools or even an own TV series. The Swedish Institute will also present how they work to attract competence from abroad - if national resources are not enough. Please join us and meet the Swedish Energy Agency, Hitachi Energy, Vattenfall and the Swedish Institute.


Towards Climate Neutral Cities

The panel discussion focuses on the work with reduction of greenhouse gases in cities and what tools are available today, and what tools are needed to accelerate the transition. Madrid and Stockholm are two of EUs 100 climate neutral cities. How do they work to accelerate the transition to climate neutral cities by 2030? What are the tools they use and what tools are needed to accelerate and achieve real world impact that reduce the emissions at a faster pace. Visualisation of the goals set up by a city, region or country and how the implementation of different policies affects achieving those goals are important tools. To get feedback on decisions made or planned interventions contributes to informative decision making, with the potential to accelerate the reduction of GHG emissions. Climate View is a Swedish company working with platforms that visualizes how important policy instruments and initiatives contribute to the climate goals.


How to Prepare for the Global Electrification?

Industry and transport are the driving factors of the historic transition from fossil fuels to electricity. Access to fossil-free electricity at a competitive cost is crucial to strengthening Swedish competitiveness. This transition is necessary both to reduce the climate impact and for companies to cope with global competition. It includes not only production, distribution and use, but also new business models and new components in the energy system such as flexibility mechanisms, energy storage as well as training and skills. Challenges that probably sound familiar to many other countries. In this session Region West Sweden around Gothenburg will share their experience of working with partners from different sectors to cope with this global challenge – because it’s the big picture that matters.


A Resilient and Sustainable Food System

Panel discussion about resilience and sustainability in the Swedish Food system with international outlooks. The panel will discuss how Sweden works to make the food system more resilient and sustainable. How does the farmers and food producers work? What are the challenges? How do we work with our soil to keep it fertile in the long term? Resilience is important to cope with climate changes that increasingly puts pressure on the agricultural land. Water supply and effects on waters downstream by agriculture is of increasing importance in Sweden, and abroad. Lantmännen, an agricultural cooperative owned by 18 000 Swedish farmers, is one important driver of the development in the Swedish food system.

16:25 - 16:45

Innovation as a Fundament for Building Swedish Defence Capabilities

A key point has been to draw upon civil-military synergies in the Swedish innovation and business ecosystems and communities.

16:45 - 16:55

The Power to Redefine the Impossible

Innovation often emerges from a keen understanding of real-life needs. Identifying pain points and transforming them into opportunities for positive change help us innovate. As an entrepreneur you possess a unique ability to recognize weaknesses in the status quo and leverage them as catalysts for innovation. Therefore, by addressing societal challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset - how can we creatively navigate obstacles and implement effective solutions and thereby contribute to the improvements of society?