About Niklas Laninge

Niklas Laninge, a distinguished psychologist based in Sweden, has garnered recognition for his innovative contributions to the field of behavioral science. With a focus on applying psychological insights to improve business practices, Laninge has become a leading figure in the intersection of psychology and technology development. His work primarily revolves around translating complex psychological theories into practical tools and strategies that enhance workplace productivity and employee well-being. His approach often involves leveraging digital platforms to disseminate psychological knowledge, thereby making it more accessible to a broader audience. Laninge’s contributions extend beyond his entrepreneurial ventures; he is also a prolific author and speaker, known for his engaging style and ability to make psychology relatable and actionable for diverse audiences. Close to 5 000 people reads his newsletter every week.


March 20, 12:00 Main stage

Pre-session - Foresight Wednesday

A signal of a possible change - is something that is already happening today, but which can be a clue for the future - if we only listen carefully enough. The next step is to ask ourselves questions such as: "What kind of change does this signal represent?" What direction does it take us?” and "What trend or larger phenomenon is driving us in that direction?" Signal plus drive equals foresight. Foresight is an approach that gives us the power to help shape the future – and not just let it happen. It's not about predicting the future, no one can do that! It is about working with scenarios about the future based on the signals we see and the knowledge we have today. With their help, we can make more informed decisions.