About Maria-Lina Hedlund

Modvion is a wood technology company enabling net zero wind power by providing renewable energy built with renewable materials – engineered wood. Thanks to the patented module system, Modvion is bringing to market cost-effective wind turbine towers for the tallest installations.


March 20, 15:40 Main stage

How to prepare for the global electrification?

Industry and transport are the driving factors of the historic transition from fossil fuels to electricity. Access to fossil-free electricity at a competitive cost is crucial to strengthening Swedish competitiveness. This transition is necessary both to reduce the climate impact and for companies to cope with global competition. It includes not only production, distribution and use, but also new business models and new components in the energy system such as flexibility mechanisms, energy storage as well as training and skills. Challenges that probably sound familiar to many other countries. In this session Region West Sweden around Gothenburg will share their experience of working with partners from different sectors to cope with this global challenge – because it’s the big picture that matters.