About Helena Bjarnegård

Helena Bjarnegård is Sweden’s national architect. She leads the work within the architecture field nationally, providing a structure that supports those planning and building in Sweden to create sustainable, inclusive, and well-designed living environments for all. All according to the national policy for architecture, design, art, and culture heritage in Sweden. She leads the steering group consisting of four national agencies to implement the national policy “Designed living environments”.

Helena Bjarnegård is also the chair of the Council for Sustainable Cities, a group that brings together the directors of a unique mix of government authorities whose work is affected by questions of design and environmental sustainability. These authorities include those directly engaged in building architecture, but also those with responsibility for infrastructure, environment, nature, community participation and research. Additionally, Helena is a member of the scientific council for the government research council for sustainable development, Formas and the national contact point for the EU commission´s initiative New European Bauhaus.


March 22, 15:05

Northern Sweden - Tech wonder

The session focuses on Northern Sweden’s second industrial transformation and the societal challenges this entails. Every actor within the civil society needs to contribute to creating sustainable and attractive living conditions to cope with the ongoing change. This encompasses, among other things, infrastructure, energy supply, attracting workforce and skills development strategies. How do we build future societies and a framework to make both people and companies contributing to a sustainable energy systems, industry and societies flourish?