Einar Bodström is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ClimateView. Bodström is a serial entrepreneur, part of founding both ClimateView, House of Radon, and investing in ASKET, playing a key role in leading the sustainable transition across industries through innovation. Today, focusing on governments in Europe and beyond, particularly in the development of net zero cities. His education includes studies at Harvard Law School as well as Stockholm School of Economics.

Changes in land use, land development, and evolving climatic conditions significantly impact the risk of wear and tear and structural collapse. This encompasses not only the ground beneath and surrounding buildings but also infrastructure solutions. Leveraging new technologies, modern materials, and enhanced monitoring and controls, substantial preventive sures can be implemented helping to build a more resilient built environment.


Moderator: Cristina Lázaro, Smart Built Environment

About the organisers

The Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova and the Swedish research council for sustainable development jointly finance a total of 17 strategic innovation programmes, of which Smart Built Environment and InfraSweden are two of them.

Smart Built Environment is a plan that outlines how the built environment sector can contribute to Sweden’s journey to the global forefront of the new opportunities of digitalisation, so that we can achieve intelligent, sustainable cities, manage our resources more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions.
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InfraSweden identifies and exploits innovation opportunities, intelligence requirements and cooperation potential that have an impact on the future development of transport infrastructure. InfraSwedens vision is to achieve a sustainable transport infrastructure that supports the transition towards the 2030 Agenda and will achieve climate neutrality 2045
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Caroline Asserup is an experienced manager with more than 20 years of experience from working within the energy sphere and international climate cooperation. Today Caroline is the Director of the Climate Policy Department at the Swedish Energy Agency, which is the largest public financier of cleantech in Scandinavia. 

Malin Wilson coordinates the Swedish institutes mission to attract international highly skilled competence and develops collaboration with regional partners and stakeholders. She has held various positions within the Swedish institute and has long experience within talent attraction and country branding. She is also in the advisory board för the project Switch to Sweden, a 3-year national project funded by Vinnova.

I am a Senior Advisor with special focus on international policy and international collaboration at Formas, A Swedish research council for sustainable development. I have over 15 years of experience within the international funding landscape. The last five years within Formas with a special focus on international science policy and international collaborations in the Nordic, European as well as Globally.

Sweden International Talent Matchmaking is a national event where all international students can learn more about working opportunities in Sweden. 

A general review of digital skills, success stories, and the current AI landscape will be shared.

About the organiser

Linköping Science Park has worked with talent attraction and in this process has created a national project called Switch to Sweden. Hela Galvis is the project manager of Switch to Sweden, a 3-year national project funded by Vinnova.

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Talent map report: Academic International Talent and Companies in Sweden

Ylva Strander is deeply passionate about pioneering radical solutions, innovative ways of working, and transformative organizational structures to propel much-needed change towards sustainable future societies. With a background in Economics and a history of leadership, support, and investment in both tech startups and impact-driven ventures, Ylva’s journey has taken her from entrepreneur and intrapreneur to her current role as an innovation bureaucrat and policy expert.

Inspired by NASA’s mission to the moon-program, Sweden launched a national innovation program a decade ago with the bold ambition to make the biggest cities in the country climate neutral by 2030, twenty years ahead of the rest of the European Union.

Since its inception the program has aimed for something more than zero emissions. It has been using a mission oriented approach to unite peoples of all levels of society towards a common audacious goal, which is to transform cities to places that are livable, lovable and viable. The approach has proven very successful, which is why a lot of cities around the world set their eyes on what’s happening in Sweden.

Viable Cities, as the program is called, was indeed the first program of its kind in the world and has inspired the European Union to launch a mission of its own: making the 100 biggest cities on the continent climate neutral by 2030 too. Now we will be exploring storytelling as a tool on how to talk about the common future in a non-polarizing, non-shaming, non-patronizing way in the bilateral context of Sweden and the U.S.

In this event, you will be able to listen to US and Swedish perspectives on mission oriented policy innovation to arrive in climate neutral cities by 2030. Different stakeholder group will be present and share insights on mission oriented collaboration for climate neutral cities, and you will virtually take part in a panel presented during the BIFROST event at Nasdaq in San Francisco.

About the organiser

Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative – aims to strengthen the bilateral partnership between Sweden and the United States in research and development, innovation, trade, and investment to accelerate green transition.

Viable Cities – one Swedens Strategic Innovation programs. Viable Cities’ mission is Climate Neutral Cities 2030 with a good life for all within planetary boundaries.

Niklas Laninge, a distinguished psychologist based in Sweden, has garnered recognition for his innovative contributions to the field of behavioral science. With a focus on applying psychological insights to improve business practices, Laninge has become a leading figure in the intersection of psychology and technology development. His work primarily revolves around translating complex psychological theories into practical tools and strategies that enhance workplace productivity and employee well-being. His approach often involves leveraging digital platforms to disseminate psychological knowledge, thereby making it more accessible to a broader audience. Laninge’s contributions extend beyond his entrepreneurial ventures; he is also a prolific author and speaker, known for his engaging style and ability to make psychology relatable and actionable for diverse audiences. Close to 5 000 people reads his newsletter every week.

Minna Sandberg has an engineering background and have been working in the intersection between Sweden and Silicon Valley for a decade. She came to Silicon Valley as a co-founder of a ML startup and has since then been working in various positions bridging the gap between Sweden and the US within emerging tech. 2022 Minna became the director of Swenode AI, an AI Node connecting the applied AI ecosystems of Sweden and Silicon Valley.