The green transition is a multifaceted challenge that requires synchronized efforts from academia, startups, investors, customers, and others. Sweden is a frontrunner in innovations for battling climate change. The Swedish Climate Startup Map is a visible platform with 508 startups and scaleups contributing to accelerating the green transition.

In this panel, we’ll hear from a diverse group of stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem, discuss how having one main place where everyone can work together can make things easier. By weaving together varied perspectives, the session seeks to uncover how a platform like the Swedish Climate Startup Map can serve as a linchpin in the innovation ecosystem, aligning disparate efforts, facilitating meaningful collaborations, and amplifying the collective impact on environmental sustainability.


  • Jenny Hedén Malm – Ignite Sweden, Project Manager of the Swedish Climate Startup Map
  • Karin Ruiz – Sting,  Leadership Committee and Incubator Representative
  • Martin Lindstrand – Trifilon AB, co-founder and CTO
  • William Bergh – Cling Systems, founder and CEO
  • Jonas Bergqvist  – Almi Invest GreenTech, Investment Manager 
  • Victoria Voss Bignet – Kavli Holding AS, Head of Sustainability

About the organisers

Ignite Sweden is a national non-profit program that aims at catalyzing commercial partnerships between startups, large companies and the public sector. Since 2017, Ignite has tailored more than 6 700 matchmaking meetings between 1500+ startups and 310+ corporates and 44 public organizations, resulting in over 610 commercial collaborations. Ignite Sweden is led by SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and was established and developed by leading incubators and science parks in Sweden. The program is co-funded by Vinnova and Energimyndigheten. Visit the website:

Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) is the member association for Sweden’s incubators and science parks as regional Areas of Innovation across the country. SISPs members support knowledge and technology based startups and scaleups, as well as established industries and the public sector, to develop a sustainable society through innovation. Several members also run business angel networks and seed capital funds