DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic) is NATO´s accelerator for defence innovation reaching out to startups in the civil sector.

Join us for a conversation on shaping a sustainable innovation ecosystem for future defence readiness. This side event delves into the synergy between NATO’s DIANA initiative and the push for accelerated defence innovation via civil-military collaborations.

Discussions will center on DIANA’s strategic goals, the influence of emerging technologies on defence mechanisms, and the next steps for DIANA’s challenge-based calls.

The session aims to provide insights into DIANA’s strategic plan to integrate advanced technologies into defence strategies, showcasing the initiative’s forward-thinking approach.


  • The ideas behind and design of DIANA
    Rob Murray, Saab Inc., Former Head of Innovation for NATO
  • The DIANA acceleration programme and the next round of challenge based calls
    Moritz Zimmerman, Deputy Chief of Staff of a team establishing DIANA
  • Accelerating startups in the defence sector, risks and opportunities
    Catharina Sandberg, CEO at the LEAD accelerator
  • Karl Hallding, Chief Analyst, Strategic Intelligence at Vinnova, moderator