The cement industry, a vital component of global construction, represents 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, far more than the aviation industry. Decarbonizing the global cement sector is a challenge that requires international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In December 2023, Sweden and India launched a partnership to address emissions-intensive industry challenges and to align their industrial development with the Paris Agreement. The partnership, focusing on the steel and cement sectors and implemented through the Leadership Group for Industrial Transition (LeadIT), aims to promote technology transfer and co-development, and to strengthen institutional capacity for innovation. 

In this side event we will gather perspectives from Sweden, India and the global community in a discussion about how innovation and international collaboration can fast-track the transition to net zero in the hard to abate cement industry.


  • Eric Jacobson – Chief Commercial Officer, SaltX Technology
  • Per Andersson, Head of Secretariat, Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT)
  • Hedvig Axberg, Supply Chain Manager, CemVision AB
  • K S Venkatagiri, Executive Director, Center of Excellence in Green Practices & Businesses at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Moderator: Arati Davis, COO, Sweden India Business Council (SIBC)

About the organiser

The Swedish Energy Agency is the national agency dealing with use and supply of energy and the implementation of an environmentally sustainable and secure energy system.

The authority promotes research, development, demonstration, innovation, business development and commercialization, market introduction of new energy technologies and new services.