Join AI Sweden’s side event during Sweden Innovation Days, where we delve into projects that may reshape industries and mindsets to drive innovation forward. Our webinar brings together thought leaders and experts to explore the intersection of technology, healthcare, climate and societal impact.

Two Key Topics:

AI for Deep Green Transition: Explore how AI can catalyze a global shift towards sustainability

We’ll showcase a groundbreaking project led by AI Sweden and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aimed at identifying how to accelerate the world’s mindset towards green transition. Learn why it’s important to investigate how AI can catalyze a global shift towards sustainability and how it can change behaviors in society to really address environmental challenges on a deep systemic level and drive impactful change.

During this part of the session we will interact with the audience through the webinar chat function to give the attendees the opportunity to give input to the project on how AI can catalyze a global shift towards sustainability and e.g. share suggestions for experts that can share valuable input knowledge. We are eager to give the attendees a chance to interact and influence the project.

Speakers :

  • Ewa Thorslund, AI Sweden
  • Viktor Bengtsson, AI Sweden
  • Örjan Jansson, WWF Sverige

International Collaboration in Healthcare

What are the opportunities with global collaborations on healthcare? How can cross-border partnerships foster innovation, driving knowledge exchange, and ultimately benefiting society at large. We’ll spotlight a recent collaboration with the aim to accelerate the adoption of AI in healthcare in Sweden and Canada.  Together, AI Sweden, Swedish hospitals and Unity Health aims at accelerating AI adoption in healthcare in both countries as well as serving as a global role model on international collaboration and the positive impact of AI in healthcare.

Speakers :

  • Peter Kurzwelly, AI Sweden

About the organiser

AI Sweden is the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. We are broadly funded and not for profit, and we collaborate with speed and boldness in everything we do with our over 120 partners from the private and public sectors as well as academia.