Hear from the innovators!

Looking for funding for your R&D? This can be a challenging task for SMEs, large companies, universities, and research organisations. That’s why Eureka has different programmes tailored to you, the innovator, wherever you may work.

During this event, we’ll be giving you an overview of what Eureka offers, focussing on two programmes, Eurostars and Clusters, highlighting their key benefits.

Eurostars is one of Europe’s largest international funding programmes for innovative SMEs wishing to collaborate internationally on R&D to create innovative products, processes or services to bring to the market.

Clusters are big industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas. They involve companies of all sizes, universities and research organisations, and offer regular funding opportunities.

You’ll hear from two of our successful project participants who will speak about their experiences and the results they obtained with Eureka support.

The funding opportunities presented in this event are for SMEs, large companies, universities and research organisation from more than 45 countries.

Join us to explore opportunities that can fuel your innovative endeavours!


  • Camilla Del Latte, Eurostars Operations Manager
  • Linden Farrer, Clusters Coordinator
  • Sigrid Eldh, ITEA Cluster beneficiary, Ericsson
  • Johan Kronholm, Eurostars Beneficiary, The Green Dairy Company

Please note that you must register in advance via this link: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/00996823-0a03-4eec-b814-b6c64bc59eaa@5d4bff7f-7391-46c0-9275-bdc4dece3442

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Eureka is the world’s largest public network supporting international cooperation in innovation and research, present in over 45 countries, in Europe and beyond.