– About the future of the aviation industry through Advanced Digitalisation and the transformative project Air Mobility

Welcome to participate for 45 minutes to learn more about the Air Mobility project, which is
funded by one of Sweden’s largest research and innovation programs, Advanced Digitalisation.
Advanced Digitalisation is currently an ongoing and significant billion-dollar investment in Sweden.
One of the major projects being funded is Advanced Air Mobility, which aims to explore how,
through broad collaboration and modern technology, we can develop a more digitized future with
unmanned flight in combination with the conventional.

During the seminar, a panel will discuss how Air Mobility contributes to increased automation with
increased sustainability in the transport sector through digitization, automation and artificial
intelligence. How will a developed combined airspace work, what will future airports look like and
what challenges are there to enable door-to-door transport?

The seminar begins with a presentation on Advanced Digitization and then focuses on Air Mobility
and its importance for the aviation infrastructure of the future.

Welcome to participate and listen to the seminar’s discussions about the aviation industry and its
role in the global transport sector.


  • Christian Hedelin, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Saab and board member, Advanced Digitalisation
  • Catarina Lindholm – Program Manager Testbed Air Mobility
  • Morgan Lindqvist – Senior researcher digital airspace, Ericsson
  • Mats Åberg – Manager airport planning, Swedavia
  • Jesper Tordenlid – Project manager WASP WARA-PS and senior systems engineer
  • Fredrik von Essen, process manager learning and competence Advanced Digitalisation, moderator