Day 1 – Missions to achieve the global goals

The Mainstage program – Missions to achieve the Global Goals

Fireside chat with Darja Isaksson

Founders session with SurfCleaner

Day 2 – Preventative health & well-being

The Mainstage program – Preventative health & well-being

Fireside chat with Ebba Hallersjö Hult

Join the pioneers in the north: Potential of green electricity and H2

Founders session with Thermaiscan

Indo-Swedish Co-Creation for innovation – De-carbonisation of Industry

Predictive Movement – A competitive neutral collaboration site for transporting people and goods with the help of AI

Designing missions – A playbook for getting it done

Preventative health – what effects increased collaboration between Sweden and California may have on society, and how we can prevent people from being sick?

Day 3 – Co-creation for innovation

The Mainstage program – Co-creation for innovation

Fireside chat with Stina Lantz

Talent scouting to open innovation and accelerator programs in Sweden

Graphene in Sweden: From lab to industry through collaboration

Bridging the digital divide: A sustainable model for full rural mobile coverage

New release of the European AI Startup Landscape

Making it happen – Swedish companies making an impact on the Canadian mining sector

Futures Thinking – Vinnova meets Sitra

Accelerate electrification through innovation and co-creation

Indtech – Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable connected industry

Co-Creation Emergence Happening

Day 4 – Climate neutral cities

The Mainstage program – Climate neutral cities

Breakout session – Climate Smart Cities Challenge – The start of a journey towards system demonstration

Solar cells on trucks for environmentally friendly transports

Founders session with WA3RM

De-carbonisation of Industry and Mobility through hydrogen

Cyber challenges in future of mobility

Taking on climate tech: What can Sweden and Silicon Valley learn from each other?

Future thinking for building climate-positive organizations: Your guide to accelerating climate strategy