Join AI Sweden’s side event during Sweden Innovation Days, where we delve into projects that may reshape industries and mindsets to drive innovation forward. Our webinar brings together thought leaders and experts to explore the intersection of technology, healthcare, climate and societal impact.

Two Key Topics:

AI for Deep Green Transition: Explore how AI is catalyzing a global shift towards sustainability

We’ll showcase a groundbreaking project led by AI Sweden and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aimed at identifying how to accelerate the world’s mindset towards green transition. Learn why it’s important to investigate how AI can change behaviors, cultures, and norms in society to really address environmental challenges on a deep systemic level and drive impactful change.

Speakers :

International Collaboration in Healthcare: What are the opportunities with global collaborations on healthcare?

How can cross-border partnerships foster innovation, driving knowledge exchange, and ultimately benefiting society at large. We’ll spotlight a recent collaboration with the aim to accelerate the adoption of AI in healthcare in Sweden and Canada.  Together, AI Sweden, Swedish hospitals and Unity Health aims at accelerating AI adoption in healthcare in both countries as well as serving as a global role model on international collaboration and the positive impact of AI in healthcare.

Speakers :

About the organiser

AI Sweden is the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. We are broadly funded and not for profit, and we collaborate with speed and boldness in everything we do with our over 120 partners from the private and public sectors as well as academia.

Swedish incubators hold high quality and several of them are ranked among the best in the world, for example in UBI Globals’s international rankings of incubators. They play an important role in the regions as an engine for innovation and innovation in business.

A national initiative, partly financed by Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency, is the National Incubator Program. Through joint development and transparent peer-to-peer reviews it not only adds a quality stamp to member incubators, but also drives the developement of outstanding support to startups and scaleups. In this session we will talk more on how this work is carried out.


About the organiser
Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) is the member association for Sweden’s incubators and science parks as regional innovation hubs across the country. SISPs members support knowledge and technology based startups and scaleups, as well as established industries and the public sector, to develop a sustainable society through innovation. Several members also run business angel networks and seed capital funds.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the Swedish Climate Startup Map, a pivotal resource driving the green transition. Gain unique insights from the firsthand experiences of the map’s key contributors and stakeholders and learn how it has been instrumental in advancing their efforts in the climate space.

DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic) is NATO´s accelerator for defence innovation reaching out to startups in the civil sector.


Sweden International Talent Matchmaking is a national event where all international students can learn more about working opportunities in Sweden. 

A general review of digital skills, success stories, and the current AI landscape will be shared.

About the organiser

Linköping Science Park has worked with talent attraction and in this process has created a national project called Switch to Sweden. Hela Galvis is the project manager of Switch to Sweden, a 3-year national project funded by Vinnova.

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Talent map report: Academic International Talent and Companies in Sweden

The audience will be given insights about various battery innovation ecosystems in Sweden and their focus areas. This seminar is for anyone interested to better understand how to navigate and collaborate with actors in the Swedish battery value chain.


About the organisers

The Swedish Energy Agency is the national agency dealing with use and supply of energy and the implementation of an environmentally sustainable and secure energy system. The authority promotes research, development, demonstration, innovation, business development and commercialization, market introduction of new energy technologies and new services.

Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish state and the Swedish business sector with a mandate and a mission to help international companies gain access to the Swedish market and help domestic ones utilise it as a platform for expansion in Sweden and through our 44 offices across Europe, Americas, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Hear from the innovators!

Looking for funding for your R&D? This can be a challenging task for SMEs, large companies, universities, and research organisations. That’s why Eureka has different programmes tailored to you, the innovator, wherever you may work.

During this event, we’ll be giving you an overview of what Eureka offers, focussing on two programmes, Eurostars and Clusters, highlighting their key benefits.

Eurostars is one of Europe’s largest international funding programmes for innovative SMEs wishing to collaborate internationally on R&D to create innovative products, processes or services to bring to the market.

Clusters are big industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas. They involve companies of all sizes, universities and research organisations, and offer regular funding opportunities.

You’ll hear from two of our successful project participants who will speak about their experiences and the results they obtained with Eureka support.

The funding opportunities presented in this event are for SMEs, large companies, universities and research organisation from more than 45 countries.

Join us to explore opportunities that can fuel your innovative endeavours!


Please note that you must register in advance via this link:

Countries participating in Eureka

About the organisers

Eureka is the world’s largest public network supporting international cooperation in innovation and research, present in over 45 countries, in Europe and beyond.

Ignite Sweden facilitates a process to engage the public sector with startups, driving innovation and discovering solutions to meet their needs and challenges. Listen to the City of Uppsala, one of Sweden’s largest municipalities, as they share insights on creating scalable approaches to foster innovation and collaboration.


About the organiser

Ignite Sweden is a national non-profit program that aims at catalyzing commercial partnerships between startups, large companies and the public sector. Since 2017, Ignite has tailored more than 6700‬‬‬‬‬ matchmaking meetings between 1500+ startups and 310+ corporates and 44 public organizations, resulting in over 610 commercial collaborations. Ignite Sweden is led by SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and was established and developed by leading incubators and science parks in Sweden. The program is co-funded by Vinnova and Energimyndigheten. Visit the website:

Are you ready to learn the truth about the state of our planet?

Climate change is real and human activities are the main cause. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere is directly linked to the average global temperature on Earth. The concentration has been rising steadily, and mean global temperatures along with it, since the time of the Industrial Revolution. Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels hit record high in 2023. Not surprisingly, 2023 is the hottest year on record, with global temperatures close to the 1.5°C limit.

Global warming limits to 1.5°C are significant because they would help reduce the risks of devastating consequences, such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and biodiversity loss. To prevent warming beyond 1.5°C, we need to reduce emissions by 8% every year from this year to 2030. Why are we not moving faster? Why are we not listening to the dire warnings by top climate researchers?

In this session we will meet one of them. Being a brilliant and inspiring storyteller Professor Benjamin Horton will tell us the truth we need to hear. It is not pretty but it is important. And it will affect life as we know it.


Professor Horton actively contributed to the COP26 conference: he led the COP26 report on managing disaster risks from natural hazards in ASEAN. He was also appointed Mentor for the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort to guide a group of researchers working towards solutions for climate-vulnerable communities in the lead-up to COP26. He is a Review Editor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report and was an author of the 5th Assessment Report. Professor Horton’s research was cited by President Obama in his 2015 State of the Union Address at the United States Capitol on January 20th 2015.

Professor Horton’s research concerns sea-level change, with the aim of understanding and integrating the external and internal mechanisms that have determined sea-level changes in the past, and which will shape such changes in the future. His research impacts upon important ecological, ethical, social, economic and political problems specifically facing coastal regions.

NeuroDesign is a new interdisciplinary research field about how the brain reacts to built environments and how these impact people psychologically and physiologically. Knowledge about how the brain reacts to built environments has groundbreaking potential to revolutionise urban planning and work aimed at human (health), ecological and economic sustainability, contributing to the UN Goals.

World-leading interdisciplinary research in this field is currently being conducted in the UK at the Institute for Behavioural Neuroscience, together with The Bartlett Faculty of The Built Environment. Both institutions are part of University College London (UCL) and are internationally top-ranked for their research excellence in both neuroscience and architecture. Cutting-edge research can create unique opportunities for Sweden as the first nation in the world implementing new principles in urban planning.

In this session we will dig into this new research area and listen to Ms Isabelle Sjövall, who will tell us more about her research and results.