Join us at this four-day digital conference
to address the Sustainable Development Goals together!

If we are going to reach the UN’s Global Goals and Agenda 2030, we need to innovate in the broadest sense. Whether you are a startup, intermediary or corporate, working in the public sector, civil society, academia or a government agency, there is something at this event for everyone. We all need to be part of the innovation journey.

Sweden Innovation Days will be a free four-day, global digital event, dedicated to fostering international collaboration on January 17-2022. It will focus on what changes we need to make in order to achieve the UN’s Global Goals. We need to innovate how we innovate!

Despite Sweden being one of the top innovative countries in the world, we still need to constantly strive to improve the way we work with innovation, both strategically and practically. We need transformative innovation with clear missions and holistic societal engagement to make a long-term impact. Join the digital program for a wide range of seminars, practical workshops and matchmaking sessions and contribute towards reaching the Global Goals together!

Keynote speakers

28 september, 2021

Banny Banerjee

Director & Founder - Stanford Changelabs
8 oktober, 2021

Darja Isaksson

Director General - Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency
13 oktober, 2021

Dennis Pamlin

Senior Advisor - RISE/Mission Innovation
13 oktober, 2021

Ebba Carbonnier

Portfolio Manager Nationally Scalable Solutions for Health - SweLife & Karolinska Institutet Innovations
29 september, 2021

Magnus Björsne

Executive Director - AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
7 oktober, 2021

Magnus Frodigh

Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research - Ericsson AB
15 november, 2021

Robert Andrén

Director General - Swedish Energy Agency
11 november, 2021

Rowan Conway

Head of Mission Oriented Innovation Network - UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)

The Global Goals address a broad range of society’s biggest challenges including climate change, social and economic inequality, healthcare, education and sustainable industry. These issues are extremely complex and while innovation is key to addressing them, it needs to be directed into actionable strategies. Day one will explore how a mission-oriented approach allows complex issues to be broken down into pragmatic steps towards effective change.

On the mainstage

  • World leading experts on the mission oriented approach & system innovation

  • Practical examples of successful missions

  • Key strategic insight from a leading innovation agency

  • Mission oriented approaches at an international, regional and local level

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The need to ensure equal access to both physical and mental healthcare for all has been thrown into the spotlight due to the ongoing global pandemic, but what other issues must be addressed within this issue? Day 2 of the conference will take a deep dive into how innovation and collaboration are needed to achieve several of the Global Goals.

On the mainstage

  • Technology's role in preventative health - now and in the future

  • The need for collaboration to meet Global Goal 3

  • Expert insight into the potential paradigm shift in preventative health

  • The role of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

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Increased inclusiveness can help foster greater innovation and collaboration. To create positive change various sectors need to work together to address today’s challenges. Building on the knowledge shared during the conference's first day, day three will focus on the tools and requirements needed to establish sustainable, inclusive and equal ecosystems.

On the mainstage

  • What it takes to create system demonstrators

  • Practical tools to inspire innovation and collaboration

  • How both technological and social innovation contribute to a more equal and democratic society

  • Encouraging action from a broad range of actors

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We are now in a decisive time regarding global challenges including climate change in particular. Reducing carbon emissions to reach net zero is one of the most effective ways to address this issue but it will require collective action to achieve. Cities play an important role and the final day of Sweden Innovation Days will explore concrete steps to reach net zero including climate contracts and the Climate Smart City Challenge.

On the mainstage

  • Top research investors discuss green investment

  • Success cases from Swedish GreenTech companies

  • Practical advice on how to achieve net zero emissions

  • What can be achieved in the future with startup collaboration

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