About Susanne Ekstedt

Susanne Ekstedt works as an Innovation Manager within the Blue Bioeconomy team at Innovatum Science Park. She has a long track record of working within the food industry as well as in applied research. Throughout her career, she has engaged in a diverse range of development projects and processes within academy and industry, focusing heavily on innovation and is well acquainted with the entire innovation system. An overarching aim in her work is to catalyse development that brings innovation to the market and benefits society. Always with a holistic view, Susanne is preparing the pathway for the next progressive step.


March 22, 14:25

The Swedish food system – how can we become more resilient and sustainable?

This session will be broken into two parts. Firstly, the unexpected crisis in the global food supply chains and the consequences for Sweden. This will take an international outlook on the global food chains that Sweden depends on and explore how the outside world affects Sweden and our food preparedness. The second part will discuss blue food – a key to sustainable food in the future. Seafood can make a substantial contribution to our future food supply. Blue food is a seafood center that brings together research and a diversity of Swedish actors to build the conditions for Swedish production of the seafood of the future.