About Stina Lantz

Stina Lantz is the Interim CEO at Sweden Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) and Program Manager at Ignite Sweden, an initiative that aims to foster commercial collaboration between startups, corporates and the public sector. An entrepreneur at heart, Stina has a profound background in business development and marketing in small and middle-sized B2B tech companies. Stina was also a member of the Swedish Government’s collaboration program for the industry’s digital transformation.


March 21, 16:05

The Swedish National Incubator Programme

The National Incubator Programme has been an important enabler for innovative ideas to grow. Learn more about the programme development, results and future possibilities.

March 21, 17:10

Fireside Chat: Enabling growth with a national start up policy

Over the past years, many European countries have developed initiatives to support startups in their growth journey. Regina Summer will moderate this conversation.