About Olof Karis

Olof Karis is the acting Director of MAX IV and has been so since March 2022. Olof, called Charlie, has been a professor of experimental physics at Uppsala University since 2011. Since 2015, he has been at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Uppsala. In his research, Olof Karis uses X-rays and neutrons to study materials.


March 23, 15:15

Lund Innovation District and the benefits of MAXIV & ESS

The vision for the research facilities, ESS and MAX IV, is to create an international world-leading centre within materials science and life sciences. MAX IV became operational in 2016, and ESS plans to start delivering research in 2025. The facilities will provide Sweden with unique conditions for conducting excellent research and create new opportunities for collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector in order to achieve solutions for sustainable societal development.