About Mikael Ramström

Mikael Ramström graduated from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden with a M.Sc. in Electrical engineering in 1992. He worked for five years on control and automation systems for the European Space Agency (ESA). Since 1999 Mikael has been working for Epiroc and currently holds a position as Vice President R&D at Epiroc Digital Solutions division. Since 2013 Sherpa to Epiroc CEO Helena Hedblom in the European Union Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. Mikael has been involved in the European Knowledge and Innovation Community, EIT RawMaterials since 2011 and been Chairman for EIT RawMaterials Northern Co-Location Centre in Luleå. In addition, he has been a member of the board to Nordic Rock Tech Centre AB, Mobilaris MCE AB as well as a member to the board of SMI, a Strategic Innovation Programme for the Swedish Mining and Metal Producing Industry. Since 2017 Mikael is a member of the board to Luleå University of Technology.


March 22, 16:00

Empowering system innovation for the green transition - The Swedish way

Sustainably sourced metals and minerals are make-or-break for the green transition. So, how can actors innovate fossil-free, circular and safe societies by adopting a systems-approach? Join us as we uncover how Swedish Mining Innovation scaled a system demonstrator into innovation export and catalysed global impact. Along with an expert panel we discuss how taking a systems-view of innovation can transform value chains and resolve societal missions, with sustainable mining as a case study.