About Marit Finch-Westin

At Ignite Sweden, Marit is developing methods and processes for public actors who wants to solve their organisation’s needs and various societal challenges by collaborating with innovative startups. Previously, she served as Director of Economic Development at one of Sweden largest Municipalities. She has also held several positions in international management teams in the private sector, and worked and lived in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Since 2011, Marit has focused on sustainable development and innovation in the public sector. Having worked with companies of all sizes, the private sector and the public sector, she has a strong belief in Ignites work in bridging all these to work closer together, and learn from each other in order to solve the sustainability challenge.


March 23, 15:40

A municipality´s journey towards innovative climate solutions

Uppsala municipality will share their insights on how working with startups drives innovation. The municipality is currently building a foundation to foster innovation within their organisation at both a cultural and process level.