About Margrethe Vestager

Margrethe Vestager is the Executive Vice President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age and Commissioner for Competition. She previously served as Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior (2011-14) and Minister for Education (1998-2001) of Denmark, and as President of the ECOFIN Council (2012). She was Political leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party (2007-14), and has worked for the Danish Ministry of Finance (1993-95). Ms. Vestager holds an MSc in Economics (University of Copenhagen).


March 21, 14:30

EU for a strong innovative Europe!

In these troubled times the need for impactful innovation that brings real value to society and sustainability, as well as the need for increased competitiveness throughout Europe is more important than ever. The European commission has taken important steps during the last years towards these goals.