About Lisa Rejler

Lisa Rejler has 18 years of experience working with communications, sustainability and investor relations. She has worked in the technical consultant business Rejlers (which today has 3,000 employees) for 15 years. In this time Lisa has been part of an incredible growth journey, including an IPO, and responsible for Rejlers meeting the requirements of a listed company. For the last eight years, she has also been responsible for adapting the company to sustainability demands, ESG guidelines and the EU Sustainability reporting directive. Lisa has been part of group management and a board member at Rejlers. She has experience in change management, developing sustainability strategies and innovation for sustainable business. Today Lisa is Interim Head of Sustainability at Magnolia Bostad AB, Advisor at Forever Sustainable – a hybrid consultancy offering the best possible support in a number of sustainability areas, including strategy, intelligence and impact. Lisa is also member of the national jury in EY Entrepreneur of the Year.


March 23, 14:55

Measuring real impact

This session will explore the different aspects of how we create and measure the impact of sustainable growth, both in corporates and startups.