About Kristoffer Skjutare

Kristoffer Skjutare is the Programme Director at CLOSER, a neutral collaborations platform focusing on joint triple-helix initiatives to support increased freight transport efficiency in society.
He has broad experience within the transport and logistics industries with a major within shipping and logistics. Kristoffer has held multiple positions within the maritime industry, as logistics consultant as well as various positions within automotive logistics.


March 22, 15:30

The transformation of an industrial sector

Sweden has ambitious goals regarding the transport sector. By 2030, they aim to reduce emissions from transport by 70 percent compared to 2010. There is still a way to go before reaching these goals, but Sweden has made significant progress within heavy duty transport and logistics. In this session we take a closer look at flagship projects, disruptive startups and Sweden’s largest port, which is a true frontrunner within sustainable logistics.