About Julia Delin

Julia Delin is the CEO of SSE Ventures – the venture capital fund at the Stockholm School of Economics, investing in startups admitted to the startup incubator of the business school. She has a background as the CEO of SSE Business Lab, where she has coached 150+ startups on fundraising, growth marketing and sales during her 5 years in the position. Prior to that, she co-founded the event ticketing platform Simply Events, and worked with growth at multiple startups. Julia is an active angel investor in startups like imagiLabs and Relox Robotics and sits on the board of horsetech startup Ridely. In her spare time, she writes about diversity & startups, and works for an equal tech scene.


March 21, 16:05

The Swedish National Incubator Programme

The National Incubator Programme has been an important enabler for innovative ideas to grow. Learn more about the programme development, results and future possibilities.