About Helena Sjöström

Helena Sjöström is a serial entrepreneur within the IT industry with more than 15 years’ experience. She is the Vice President at NOX Consulting, a consultant broker pioneering the IT industry. NOX is excellent proof of both a new way of delivering consultant services as well as applying a leadership style shaped for the future of work. Helena is truly passionate about innovation and sustainability and has co-founded several initiatives within learning and innovation such as GoTech. Helena also is a part of driving the initiative CIOCO2 that NOX has founded. CIOCO2 is an initiative that aims to create awareness about the climate footprint in the ICT industry and gather concrete tools to help companies and organizations become sustainable in IT. These tools include measuring methods, mindsets, and questions that can facilitate the work to achieve climate neutrality as well as social and economic sustainability.


March 23, 14:55

Measuring real impact

This session will explore the different aspects of how we create and measure the impact of sustainable growth, both in corporates and startups.