About Dan Vikström

Dan Vikström is the HR Manager at Acorai, a revolutionary start-up company in heart failure monitoring. His primary focus is personnel, salaries, pensions and employee development, as well as finance, grant applications and accounting. With a background in Business Administration (Accounting & Finance) & Philosophy (Political Philosophy), Dan has multiple years of experience in healthcare consumables for regions and municipalities in Sweden. He is interested in finance, personal finance, savings, investments and personal/professional development. Dan is constantly working towards financial independence and always ready to help other people improve their own finances.


March 23, 15:50

Switch to Sweden - New ways to connect

By 2024, we will need more than 70.000 awesome talents to work in tech industries in Sweden. Switch to Sweden is an initiative to help solve this challenge. Based on skills and motivation factors this initiative matches companies and international academic talents who are already in Sweden.