About Charlotte Andersson

Charlotte Andersson is the Program Director for Swedish Mining Innovation, the strategic innovation program for the Swedish mining and metal producing industry. Charlotte has been working with research and innovation in the mining and metal sector for 15 years, both in academia as well as in the mining industry. She is also an Asssociate Professor in Process Metallurgy at Luleå University of Technology.


March 22, 16:00

Empowering system innovation for the green transition - The Swedish way

Sustainably sourced metals and minerals are make-or-break for the green transition. So, how can actors innovate fossil-free, circular and safe societies by adopting a systems-approach? Join us as we uncover how Swedish Mining Innovation scaled a system demonstrator into innovation export and catalysed global impact. Along with an expert panel we discuss how taking a systems-view of innovation can transform value chains and resolve societal missions, with sustainable mining as a case study.