About Cecilia Sjöberg

Cecilia Sjöberg is Director and Head of Industrial Technology Division at Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency. This includes innovation programs and activities improving the conditions for innovations in the area of Sustainable Industry and Digital Transformation. She has a PhD in Informatics from Linköping University, Sweden. Cecilia Sjöberg has worked with digitalization since early 1990 and held different positions in Swedish national agencies for research and technical development. She has among other things worked as Chief Strategy Officer for Services at Vinnova and as a Project Manager in the first Swedish Technical Foresight, the Information and Communications Systems panel.


March 21, 15:10

Creating a culture of collaboration

The research and innovation programme Advanced Digitalisation aims to accelerate Sweden’s ability to develop and use new digital technologies. The programme is a unique collaboration between Swedish industry and the Swedish government and started 2021 by ABB, Ericsson, Saab, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and Vinnova, with the vision of a clear digital leadership. Learn more about the programme, collaborations in new ecosystems and what is required to continue enabling innovation.