About Aurore Belfrage

Tech investor, geopolitical risk advisor and sustainability strategist Aurore Belfrage spends her time in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and international affairs. She is the co-founder of the sustainable technology thinktank SusTechable, geopolitical advisor at Consilio International, and was a steering committee member for the Swedish government’s contribution to Expo2020 Dubai and a previous investor at EQT Ventures. She’s a columnist, vlogger and hosts a podcast on pressing issues such as environment, geopolitics, governance and technology. In 2011, she co-founded the disruptive global fintech startup Wrapp, for which Skype founder Zennström and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman were early investors. Born in London, she was partly raised there as well as in Saudi and Sweden, with previous lives in scrap dealing at Stena Metall, speechwriting and attempts at stand-up comedy.


March 21, 14:00

Lead Moderator 21-23 March

Aurore will guide the conversation on all three days of Sweden Innovation Days.

March 23, 15:35

Edge Learning Lab - A unique test bed environment

The Edge Learning enables developers, data scientists, students, researchers, and other users to explore the possibilities and limitations of edge learning. To launch the Edge Learning Lab, AI Sweden joined forces with several partner organisations. The rapid advancement of technologies calls for new ways to transfer, store and process data. Data transferring methods also need to be cost-efficient and legally compliant while keeping sensitive information safe. Distributed and federated learning may be the answer.