About Annika Ramsköld

Annika Ramsköld has been the Vice President Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall since January 1st 2014. Her main task for the unit is to drive and coordinate the strategy work related to sustainability within the company on all levels and throughout the value chain. This includes target setting, monitoring progress, consolidated sustainability reporting, running stakeholder dialogues and trainings, setting policies, defining processes etc. Annika has worked in Vattenfall for over 30 years with a wide range of assignments from R&D and business development to sales, trading, marketing and strategy. Her more recent positions are as VP Market Strategy and Business Development and VP CEO Office. As VP Market Strategy and Business Development, she initiated and ran two major business development programs; e-mobility and sustainable cities. Annika has a Master of Science degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She is the chairman of the Joint Venture “Volvo-Vattenfall Plug-in-hybrid company”, Värtan Gas and Gasnätet Stockholm, and a board member of CSR Sweden and on the nomination committee for Global Compact Network Sweden as well as active in many industry associations and working groups.


March 22, 15:05

Northern Sweden - Tech wonder

The session focuses on Northern Sweden’s second industrial transformation and the societal challenges this entails. Every actor within the civil society needs to contribute to creating sustainable and attractive living conditions to cope with the ongoing change. This encompasses, among other things, infrastructure, energy supply, attracting workforce and skills development strategies. How do we build future societies and a framework to make both people and companies contributing to a sustainable energy systems, industry and societies flourish?