About Ann Mettler

At Breakthrough Energy – an organisation founded by Bill Gates in 2015 – Ann Mettler is working with European partners to accelerate clean tech innovation in the pursuit of climate neutrality and net-zero emissions. Previously, she served as Director-General at the European Commission where she ran the internal strategy department, reporting directly to the President. An entrepreneur at heart, Ann set up her own think tank which she ran for more than a decade. Her career started at the World Economic Forum where she led the Europe department.


March 21, 15:00

Nudging towards more sustainable investments – The Nordics leading the way

Breakthrough Energy’s (BE) aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy. BE's investment fund BE Ventures is very engaged in the Nordics by, for example, supporting the recently launched coalition of investors Cleantech for Nordics. However, despite Sweden being European Innovation Leader again and again, BE urges for more engagement to push the climate agenda forward during the EU presidency 2023.