About Allison Cohen

Allison Cohen is the Senior Applied AI Projects Lead at Mila. In this role, Allison works closely with AI researchers, social science experts and external partners to professionalize and deploy socially beneficial AI projects. Her portfolio of work includes: a misogyny detection and correction tool, an application that can identify online activity suspected of containing human trafficking victims, and an agricultural analytics tool to support sustainable practices among smallholder farmers in Rwanda.
She was on InspiredMinds an appeared in the Top 50 Influential Women in AI list and was the Runner Up for the 2022 Women in AI “Leader of the Year” Award in the category of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She holds an MA in Global Affairs from the University of Toronto and a BA in International Development from McGill University.


March 23, 16:15

Future of Democracy - can AI make society more democratic?

New technologies such as artificial intelligence are influencing the development of societies all over the world. At a rapid pace, developments are driving profound changes in everything from the defence industry to healthcare, transport, climate solutions, school education, the entertainment industry and government decision-making.