In this exciting session hosted by the Swedish Energy Agency you will learn more about how the Swedish collaborative environment between academia and the private sector is shaping the future of batteries!

You will hear some real-life cases from innovative companies sprung from the academic world. Join us and learn more about the future of batteries!

As transportation becomes electrified and electricity grid storage capacity becomes increasingly important, batteries are essential to the development of our future sustainable energy systems. With world-class know-how in battery manufacturing, chemistries, recycling and sustainable mining Sweden stands out with its unique expertise in battery research.

Significant investments in research and development with strong universities and researchers combined with an almost fossil-free energy system has positioned Sweden at the forefront of battery development. A less visible, but never the less important, success factor is the strong collaboration and informal work culture that creates an exciting breeding ground for new innovations to take shape.


  • Göran Stegrin, International Market Development, Swedish Energy Agency
  • Louise Bringselius- PhD, Associate Professor Organization and Management, University of Lund
  • William Brant-William Brant, Associate Professor Uppsala University, Co-Founder Altris
  • Hans Hentzell, Chairman of the Board, Ligna Energy

About the organiser

The Swedish Energy Agency is a government agency responsible for matters of the supply and use of energy in Sweden. The Agency is in many aspects leading Sweden’s transition to a sustainable energy system. The organisation is regulated by the Government through the instruction and annual appropriations directives.