The results are in! Swedish Mining Innovation and its partners present the real impact of adopting a systems approach to transform value chains – with the mission of sustainable mining as an example.

Sustainably sourced metals and minerals are make-or-break for the green transition. Meanwhile, the reality of achieving sustainable mining spans everything from AI to electrification to education. Join us as we explore how the actors built a system demonstrator that has created multiplier effects and catalysed global impact.


  • Charlotte Andersson, Program Director Swedish Mining Innovation
  • Anders Sand, Research Manager, Boliden Minerals
  • Niclas Dahlström, Senior Project Manager, Nexgen Sims
  • Jenny Greberg, Vice President Technology, LKAB

About the organiser

Swedish Mining Innovation is one of 17 Swedish strategic innovation programmes initiated and funded by the Swedish Government through its agencies Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The purpose of the program is to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and create conditions for sustainable raw material production.