The US boasts 10 million companies and 330 million customers eager for innovative products. But for many foreign companies, it is a black box: When and where do you start? Who can you turn to for help?

In this panel, we discuss tips, strategies, and lessons learned for building your customer base, fundraising, and finding success in the US market.

To drive our discussion we’ll bring together: 1) a Swedish- American business network supporting soft landings; 2) a global VC that provides its companies capital and industry linkages; 3) an advisory firm specialized in growth hacking US sales, and 4) a Swedish start-up that has successfully made the leap across the pond.


  • Nils Mattisson, Co-founder and CEO, Minut.
  • Annie Lindmark, Program Director, Innovation Management at VINNOVA and Nordic Innovation House- Silicon Valley.
  • Rob Napoli, Board Member at Move Ventures and Founder, Rise Up Coaching.
  • Andrew Gollach, Investment Principal, SOSV, a Global Venture Capital Firm investing in Deep Tech for Human and Planetary Health.
  • Moderated by Taylor Mohylsky and Tobias Larsson, Business Coaches, Founders Loft.

About the organiser

Founders Loft is a non-profit, no-equity incubator supporting entrepreneurs to build scalable companies through coaching, networking, and soft finance. Over the past 20 years, Founders Loft has incubated 160+ companies working across many sectors but unified in their aim to meaningfully to a more sustainable society.