Silicon Valley is a mindset not a location – latest trends and stories from the Nordics

Some of the most important tech giants, influential startups, and growth companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley because of the high concentration of venture capital, the unique ecosystem and culture as well as the highly skilled tech labor force that graduates from prestigious universities like Stanford and Berkeley. Companies like Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Apple, and Hewlett Packard call this place their home, and the size of their campuses are like small towns in the Nordics.

Needless to say, the region has earned a reputation of mythical proportions, and the further you are from Silicon Valley the more fascinated and mystified you are likely to be.

In this session we will therefore dig into what Silicon Valley is all about, the latest trends and the current state of tech and innovation in the valley and of course what we can expect of the future. We will also get to hear from three Nordic companies (Beetroot, Cake and Neola medical) from different industries on how their journey has been and why they decided to go overseas.


  • Annie Lindmark, Program Director at Vinnova – Sweden´s innovation agency
  • Chander Chawla, Chief Product Officer at Therma
  • Eric Asmussen, Managing director North America & Global Chief Growth Officer at CAKE
  • Hanna Sjöström, CEO at Neola Medical
  • Dominique Piotet, US representative, Beetroot

About the organisers

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. We help to build Sweden’s innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. Our vision is that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world.

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