The transition to sustainable electrified mobility requires solutions and business models that can be implemented and scaled at a fast pace.

In this session you will meet a startup that is testing an innovative battery-swapping technology for remote applications, a logistic company at the forefront of electrified transportation and business models, and a large contractor operating a worksite that is Sweden´s largest testbed for fossil-free construction. We will discuss the transition with utilities, incubators and governmental actors to explore how they are acting to enable sustainable solutions.


  • Elin Svanström, Electrification Hub
  • Mikael Hjorth, Electrification Hub
  • Madéleine Pilstrand, CEO, Create
  • Ove Fredriksson, Public Affairs, Mälarenergi
  • Erik Jonuks, CEO, Ekobot
  • Åsa Granlund, CEO, AA Logistik
  • Andreas Backström, Transport manager, AA Logistik
  • Elin Coleman, Climate and Sustainability Manager, Skanska Sverige
  • Andreas Netz, Head of Sustainable Mobility, Vinnova

About the organiser

Electrification Hub is an innovation accelerator within electrification, smart energy solutions and electromobility. Together with the industry, academia and public actors we drive the transition towards a fossil-free transport sector in Sweden and globally. We promote innovations and sustainable solutions and foster research and development. Our focus it to explore sector couplings and system approaches to build innovation capacity and transition speed.