Is it possible to find solutions to the lack of power and grid capacity by changing conventions in commercial kitchens? Yes, it seems so!

In the Flex-o-Mat project, property owners and school kitchen companies are cooperating to investigate the un-explored potential for peak shaving in school kitchens. The project is carrying out measurements in school kitchens, including testing how a change in operating patterns and behavioural changes in the kitchens can reduce power peaks. In autumn 2022, the project will also investigate possible technical solutions for peak shaving.

The results are somewhat baffling – up to 50% of the power can be removed in everyday operations as in this case large scale food preparations in Schools! The technique works equally well in bakeries, laundries, hotels and many more commercial operations.

It’s been estimated that the daily Swedish public sector food preparations require the power of one of the Swedish nuclear power plants between 7-10 hours each day!

Come and take part in the discussions on what we could do if we got one half a power plant back to do even more with the current grid at hand!

The main purpose is to spread the new knowledge on the real power need in these kitchens – the possible power cuts – what to do with the excess power.

A big part of this event is discussion – let’s evolve this novel ways to build our common tomorrow together!!


  • Fredrik Björklund
  • Joachim Lindborg
  • Linnea Nedar
  • Hans Nyhlén
  • Sandra Harbom

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