In this session and panel talk, we will share how Malmö University’s Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Göran Bredinger at Dieden Group AB, and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship support young entrepreneurs and start-ups in Sweden.

We will also meet three successful entrepreneurs and listen to their business journeys.


  • Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz, Chair of Forum for Social Innovation Sweden and Pro Vice-chancellor at Malmö University
  • Åsa Skogström Feldt, Managing Director, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship BV, jury member for the Göran Bredinger Scholarship
  • Moderator: Lotta Orban, Project Leader and Communicator, Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Malmö University

About the organisers

The Forum for Social Innovation Sweden is a national knowledge and collaboration platform for social innovation and social enterprise in Sweden, based at five universities from north to south. We monitor the social innovation field, and collect, develop, and share research-based knowledge. We also catalyse, facilitate and co-create cross-sectoral collaborations, through different methods and processes.