Startups can be a key part of solving our society’s biggest challenges. In this fireside chat, meet one startup founder as they share their journey developing a new technology to create biobased membranes.

Cellfion’s technology is made from the most abundant biopolymer on the planet, cellulose, derived from wood. By extracting cellulose nanofibrils from wood, and modifying the surfaces, the fibrils can be fabricated into sheets of membranes that can be used as critical components in energy storage and conversion devices, such as Hydrogen fuel cells and Redox Flow Batteries.

To the best of their knowledge – Cellfion is the first company working towards the commercialisation of biobased membranes with no toxic substances such as PFAS. With their membranes, they offer the industry a cost-effective alternative that not only is sustainable but also has the potential (when scaled-up) to increase the overall efficiency of the energy storage and conversion technologies so that they can be accessible for all and the green energy transition can truly take place. 


  • Liam Hardey, CEO & Co-founder, Cellfion
  • Maria Olofsson, Process Developer (Incubators and Science Parks), Ignite Sweden & Uminova Innovation (Moderator)

About the organisers

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