The construction industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology. Meanwhile, modern society has reached a turning point, with major challenges on the horizon, challenges that the construction industry must also overcome.

Rising construction costs, a scarcity of resources, decarbonisation requirements and concerns about the availability of financing are fuelling a growing interest in developing, testing, and implementing digital solutions on construction sites.

Connected construction sites and life-saving smart helmets, the use of geodata in generative design processes, and cutting-edge cloud services that facilitate quality control. Join our seminar and learn about some of the innovative ideas and projects being developed and tested in the Swedish innovation program Smart Built Environment.


  • Cristina Lázaro, Moderator, Smart Built Environment
  • Sofia Malmsten, CEO & Co-founder Parametric Solutions
  • Robert af Wetterstedt, Sustainability Manager, RED Management
  • Ulf Bergvall, Solution Architect, Coresource Solutions AB
  • Claes Henschel, Digital Innovation Manager, NCC

About the organiser

Digitalisation is the single most significant change factor of our age. The strategic innovation programme (SIP) Smart Built Environment is a plan that outlines how the built environment sector can contribute to Sweden’s journey to the global forefront of the new opportunities of digitalisation, so that we can achieve intelligent, sustainable cities, manage our resources more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions.