The program includes presentations about the advantages of using community-owned towers to bridge the digital divide and their application in rural areas.

Attendees will gain insight into cost-effective solutions and innovative applications to bridge the central issue of rural access to mobile and broadband networks. Also, the seminar will feature high-level insight from the participating companies, including demos and examples of the project’s success stories.

By establishing community towers and rural hotspot sites, the #fulltäckning (Full Coverage) project allows everyone, including rural inhabitants and municipalities, to get high-speed internet, despite their location. This provides a much-improved digital infrastructure and opens up new possibilities for transitioning to a digital society in rural and isolated areas. The aim of the project is to make all localities in Sweden fully digitally connected, giving all citizens the same digital opportunities regardless of where they live.


  • Annika Svensson, Project Manager, Luleå University of Technology
  • Dusyant Patel, CEO, Radio Innovation
  • Stefan Källström, Chief Inspector, The Alpine Rescue Unit of the Swedish Police
  • Johan Jobér, Founder, Nätägarna Sverige
  • Carina Sammeli, Mayor, Municipality of Luleå

About the organiser

Fulltäckning (Full Coverage) is a joint project funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, with 30 something partners aiming to bridge the digital divide through providing full mobile coverage in rural areas. The project is in its last phase and have by now developed sustainable and tested solution for full coverage through community owned towers combined with rural hotspots.