Currently, 5G is being rolled out nationwide in Sweden. 5G means faster transmission capacity and lower delays. When 5G is combined with edge computing, i.e. when software can be deployed at the edge of a network instead of running in a traditional data centre far away from the end user, performance is further improved and real-time applications can be made much faster and more responsive.

The overall goal of the 5G Edge Innovations for Mining project is to create smarter mining systems that push the boundaries of autonomy, productivity and safety. 5G and edge computing should contribute to higher levels of automation in the mining industry. And more autonomy should lead to a better working environment and safer mines.

The project will test demonstrations of 5G-connected drones in a mining environment, the innovative use of advanced AI technology and a hardware and software stack for edge-to-cloud applications.


  • Peter Burman, Program Manager Mine Automation, Boliden
  • Ivan Bretan, Director, 5G Business Development and Innovation, Telia
  • Eugenia Segerstedt, Associate Senior Lecturer, Luleå University of Technology
  • Annika Svensson, Project Manager, Luleå University of Technology
  • Jens Eliasson, CEO, ThingWave
  • Hamid Reza Faragardi, Lead Data Scientist Consultant, RISE

About the organisers

The project “5G Edge Innovations for Mining” is led by Luleå University of Technology and CDT. Participants include RISE, Ericsson, Telia, Hexatronic, BI Nordics, FieldRobotiX, ThingWave and Neava. The main funder is NextGenerationEU through VINNOVA.