Vinnova - Sweden's Innovation Agency

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency and we open the way for innovation that makes a difference. For us, innovation is about bold thinking and doing things differently to improve people's lives and our planet. We help to build Sweden's innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. Our vision is that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world. We make it possible for organisations to address challenges together by enabling innovation that makes a difference.

Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency is a Swedish government Agency and works for the use of renewable energy, improved technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change.

Ignite Sweden

Ignite Sweden is a non-profit initiative that aims to foster innovation by connecting startups to large companies and public organisations. Since it began in spring 2017, they have connected 800 startups with over 240 corporates, resulting in more than 4000‬‬ meetings and most importantly 230+ commercial collaborations.

AI Sweden

AI Sweden is the Swedish National Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence, supported by the Swedish government and the public and private sectors across the country. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.