Impact Innovation - Building the innovation system for the 2030s

The Swedish government agencies Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency and Formas are joining forces within the new innovation system, Impact Innovation. The goal is to support businesses, academia, the public sector and civil society in meeting societal challenges of today, as well as for the future. Impact Innovation requires actors within the Swedish innovation system to contribute to global competitiveness through a clearly stated direction and transformation towards sustainable development. Impact innovation will address areas of broad societal relevance to ensure greater systemic effects. We welcome you to join the Director Generals of these government agencies in enabling innovation for Swedish actors in the absolutely broadest sense.


EU for a strong innovative Europe!

In these troubled times the need for impactful innovation that brings real value to society and sustainability, as well as the need for increased competitiveness throughout Europe is more important than ever. The European commission has taken important steps during the last years towards these goals.


"What if?" - A scenario of a possible future

The ability to envision alternative futures is a superpower that can give us surprising and even radical new ideas on what to do today in order to create a sustainable future. To take agency of the future, realising that the future is not something that just happen to us, but in fact is what we make it into. As food for thought, we will share a scenario of an alternative future, to carry the question "what if" through the day. A piece of gravel in the shoe that disturbs, a seed of hope that can grow - a vision of what might become, or not, to provoke feelings and insights which lays the foundation of a dialogue.


Nudging towards more sustainable investments – The Nordics leading the way

Breakthrough Energy’s (BE) aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy. BE is very engaged in the Nordics by, for example, supporting the recently launched coalition of investors Cleantech for Nordics. However, despite Sweden being European Innovation Leader again and again, BE encourages more engagement to push the climate agenda forward during the EU presidency 2023.


Creating a culture of collaboration

The research and innovation programme Advanced Digitalisation aims to accelerate Sweden’s ability to develop and use new digital technologies. The programme is a unique collaboration between Swedish industry and the Swedish government and started 2021 by ABB, Ericsson, Saab, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and Vinnova, with the vision of a clear digital leadership. Learn more about the programme, collaborations in new ecosystems and what is required to continue enabling innovation.


Developing future skills

Given increased competition, technology development and other challenges, we need to develop new ways of workplace learning. Industry and higher education institutions are key players to solve the challenges by strengthened collaborations in education, research and innovation.


Agencies in cooperation - Sweden in a European Partnership Program

Formas - a government research council for sustainable development, Vinnova - Sweden's innovation agency and the Swedish Energy Agency will engage in a panel discussion about the benefits of collaborating across agencies in the European Partnership Program Driving Urban Transitions (DUT). The panel will explore how such R&I instruments can be used to ensure innovative solutions towards a climate-neutral society reach the market and how this is preferably done in collaboration with academia, cities, companies, and various citizens’ initiatives.


The Swedish National Incubator Programme

The National Incubator Programme has been an important enabler for innovative ideas to grow. Learn more about the programme development, results and future possibilities.


The future of energy - Securing the supply

The need for electricity is constantly rising all over the world. This comes with great challenges. How much electricity do we actually need? How do we need to collaborate to find sustainable solutions that guarantee the security of supply? In this panel we show pathways on how to innovate when the time frame is limited.


The people making innovation happen

In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals gave us a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world by 2030. The 17 goals cover a wide range of issues that involve people with different needs, values, and convictions. There is a vision of what needs to happen but progress is slow. The Inner Development Goals aim to provide a framework to help individuals and organisations become more effective in the work towards greater sustainability and well-being.


Closing remarks

Conclusions and summary from the day's moderators as well as some reflections from Joakim Skog about the What if scenario from earlier in the program. What thoughts and insights did the scenario provoke? Did anything you've seen and heard the last hours confirm or contradict? We listen to input from the audience and try to find our way forward.

17:10 - 17:40

Fireside Chat: Enabling growth with a national startup policy

Over the past years, many European countries have developed initiatives to support startups in their growth journey. Regina Summer will moderate this conversation.