Opening remarks

Welcome to day three of Sweden Innovation Days!


"What if?" - A scenario of a possible future

The ability to envision alternative futures is a superpower that can give us surprising and even radical new ideas on what to do today in order to create a sustainable future. To take agency of the future, realising that the future is not something that just happen to us, but in fact is what we make it into. As food for thought, we will share a scenario of an alternative future, to carry the question "what if" through the day. A piece of gravel in the shoe that disturbs, a seed of hope that can grow - a vision of what might become, or not, to provoke feelings and insights which lays the foundation of a dialogue.


Innovation Scoreboard Sweden - A global innovation leader

The European Innovation Scoreboard provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It helps countries assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of their national innovation systems and identify challenges they need to address. The European Innovation Scoreboard 2022 was released on 22 September 2022. Sweden continues to be the best performer in the EU. Other innovation leaders are Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Reflections on the Swedish innovation system

The view of the Swedish Government related to Sweden's ranking.


Impact startups

Learn more about some of the startups with innovative solutions and how they are making an impact on today's sustainability challenges. Participating startups will be announced closer to the event.


Measuring real impact

This session will explore the different aspects of how we create and measure the impact of sustainable growth, both in corporates and startups.


Lund Innovation District & the benefits of MAXIV & ESS

The vision for the research facilities, ESS and MAX IV, is to create an international world-leading centre within materials science and life sciences. MAX IV became operational in 2016, and ESS plans to start delivering research in 2025. The facilities will provide Sweden with unique conditions for conducting excellent research and create new opportunities for collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector in order to achieve solutions for sustainable societal development.


Edge Learning Lab - A unique test bed environment

The Edge Learning enables developers, data scientists, students, researchers, and other users to explore the possibilities and limitations of edge learning. To launch the Edge Learning Lab, AI Sweden joined forces with several partner organizations. The rapid advancement of technologies calls for new ways to transfer, store and process data. Data transferring methods also need to be cost-efficient and legally compliant while keeping sensitive information safe. Distributed and federated learning may be the answer.


A municipality's journey towards innovative climate solutions

Uppsala municipality will share their insights on how working with startups drives innovation. The municipality is currently building a foundation to foster innovation within their organisation at both a cultural and process level.


Switch to Sweden

By 2024, we will need more than 70.000 awesome talents to work in tech industries in Sweden. Switch to Sweden is an initiative to help solve this challenge. Based on skills and motivation factors the initiative match companies and international academic talents who are already in Sweden.


Impact deeptech startups

Learn more about two initiatives that support impact startups on both government agency level and grassroots level. The government has assigned Vinnova and the Swedish Growth agency to look in to the challenges of Deeptech startups in Sweden. The Swedish Energy agency supports SustainTech Venture Day, an event to promote Swedish Cleantech scaleups to investors from all around the globe.


Future of Democracy - Can AI make society more democratic?

New technologies such as artificial intelligence are influencing the development of societies all over the world. At a rapid pace, developments are driving profound changes in everything from the defence industry to healthcare, transport, climate solutions, school education, the entertainment industry and government decision-making.


Closing Remarks

Conclusions and summary from the day's moderators as well as some reflections from Joakim Skog about the What if scenario from earlier in the program. What thoughts and insights did the scenario provoke? Did anything you've seen and heard the last hours confirm or contradict? We listen to input from the audience and try to find our way forward.

17:10 - 17:40

Fireside Chat - Impact Innovation

Impact Innovation requires actors within the Swedish innovation system to contribute to global competitiveness through a clearly stated direction and transformation towards sustainable development. Impact innovation will address areas of broad societal relevance to ensure greater systemic effects.