January 19 - Day 3
Co-creation for innovation

Increased inclusiveness can help foster greater innovation and collaboration. To create positive change various sectors need to work together to address today’s challenges.

Day 3 will build on the knowledge shared during the conference's first day, and focus on the tools and requirements needed to establish sustainable, inclusive and equal ecosystems.


Creating system demonstrators

Discover what system demonstrators are and why they are important tools for broadening innovative practices, and testing in real environments.

Andreas Netz, Head of Department and Strategic Area Director Sustainable Mobility, Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency

Regional Electrified Logistics (REEL) - a real operation for electrification

The electrification of truck transportation is required to reduce the climate and health impact of heavy road traffic. A number of actors are now joining forces to test an electrified freight transport system with the intent of large-scale national introduction.


The importance of digital public spaces

The digital transformation affects our democratic dialogue. Understanding how we can strengthen democracy in a digital age is crucial for building resilient societies.

Carl Heath, Senior Researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Public sector innovation hub - For coworking and co-creation

Vinnova has invested in a pilot project for coworking. We want to see how it can strengthen the commitment of government employees, create inspiration, increase the ability to find new solutions to societal challenges and increase knowledge and insights about cross-government challenges.


Co-creating inclusive futures – from social to sustainable innovation

How can we innovate how we innovate in regards to inclusion and equality? Get an overview of how to understand and promote innovation that harnesses the ideas and meets the needs of a diverse range of people, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or education.

Malin Lindberg, Professor of Gender and Technology, Luleå University of Technology

Her City - Plan a city for girls, and it will work for everyone

Involving girls in urban development will make the city better for everyone. Girls plan and design with diversity and different needs in mind. Participatory processes are key for planning a city that works for everyone. If we let citizens that are rarely heard be the experts, our cities and communities will become more inclusive, equal and sustainable. The Her City Toolbox is a joint initiative by UN-Habitat and the independent think tank Global Utmaning. Find out more about Her City in this film about the initiative.


Panel discussion - How do we create a broad inclusiveness that helps foster greater innovation and collaboration?

Solving some of the greatest challenges we face, both as humans and as a planet, requires us to work together and develop new types of solutions. But how can this be done successfully? What are the key success factors when driving co-creation in innovation? And how do we foster a stronger international culture of collaboration? In this panel, experts will discuss how they work to drive innovation from different perspectives as well as the challenges of driving innovation and how different stakeholders have different perspectives when it comes to co-creation.

Cindy Soo, Global Innovation & Co-Creation Manager, Ikea
Göran Lindsjö, Senior Advisor, AI Sweden
Rodney Ghali, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Impact and Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office (Government of Canada)


How does Sweden's Innovation Agency work with inclusion?

Learn more about Vinnova’s tools and methods for norm-critical analyses and inclusive solutions in innovation – NOVA.

Sophia Ivarsson, Program Director for Gender & Diversity for Innovation, Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency


Social innovation by startups

How can startups build sustainable companies within the area of social innovation? Meet three Swedish startups that are walking the talk to do exactly that.

Paula Dozsa, Co-founder & Lead Developer, imagiLabs
Petronella Gustafsson, CEO & Founder, Progress Me
Sofie Andersson, CEO & Founder, Schvung


Tomorrow's solutions - meet two startups

During Sweden Innovation Days hundreds of startups/scaleups from 10 countries meet with over 90 international corporates and public organizations in curated matchmaking meetings to ignite innovation through startup x corporate collaboration. Meet with German startup DENKweit and Swedish startup Warpin Media and learn more about their new technology.

Dominik Lausch, CEO, DENKweit
Emma Ridderstad, Co-Founder & CEO, Warpin Media


Future-shaping innovations. For children. With children. By children.

By including children and young persons UX (in what we focus our innovation efforts toolbox around and how) we enable them to shape and guide innovations (that make sense to them and) to their needs. We future-proof our innovations whilst building skills and confidence in children's and young person's abilities to shape their own future. During this session, UNICEF Office of Innovation and UNICEF Sweden will share their experience and provide concrete examples of how children can and must play an integral role in the innovation process.

Pernilla Baralt, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden
Thomas Davin, Director, UNICEF Global Office of Innovation


Closing remarks


Fireside chat

Meet Stina Lantz from SISP and Ignite Sweden in a fireside chat about building a national platform for startup commercialisation, the importance of utilizing research and why it takes a country to raise unicorns. This discussion will be moderated by Regina Summer.

Stina Lantz, Vice President, SISP & Program Manager, Ignite Sweden
Regina Summer, Chief Strategy Officer International Collaborations, Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency


All times are in CET

Talent scouting to open innovation and accelerator programs in Sweden

Calling all scaleups from around the world with impactful ideas. This is your chance to meet Sweden’s talent scouting initiative and hear pitches from some of our most renowned companies. FInd out what they are looking for in their open innovation and accelerator programs.

Bianca Dochtorowicz, Programme Manager, International co-operation, Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency
Cristina Oprera, Driver of Ericsson Startup 5G & Senior Researcher, Ericsson
Marie Claire Maxwell, Head Talent Attraction, Business Sweden
Per Hillertz, M&A Business Relationship Manager - AstraZeneca & Bioventure Hub
Sanna Moore, Senior Project Leader, MobilityXlab

Organised by Business Sweden

Graphene in Sweden: From lab to industry through collaboration

An hour of graphene updates from Sweden, where SIO Grafen aims to take 2D-materials to the next level through collaboration and innovation. Via invited companies, SIO Grafen tells the story of how the Swedish market is gradually edging closer to the goal of becoming a world-leader in deploying graphene.

A mix of corporates and start-ups including ABB, Alfa Laval, Bright Day Graphene, Chalmers, Glenntex, Graphene Flagship, Graphmatech, Grafren, SHT, Wellspect, 2D fab and 2D-tech will present their work with a brand-new material in a brand-new market. Together, we are taking a big graphene leap from lab to industry.

Jon Wingborg, Outreach & Innovation Manager, SIO Grafen
Jonas Löfvendahl, Communications Officer, SIO Grafen

Organised by SIO Grafen

Bridging the digital divide: A sustainable model for full rural mobile coverage

The gap between those who have and those who do not have access to mobile broadband is causing growing and severe inequalities. People in rural areas are generally those whose life conditions could benefit most from digitalization – still they are most likely to be left behind.
The #Fullcoverage project aims to solve just that.

Moderator: Karl Andersson , Professor in Distributed Computer Systems & Executive Director at CDT, Luleå University of Technology
Dusyant Patel, CEO, Radio Innovation Sweden
Elmar Trojer, Research Leader, Ericsson Research Networks
Jaap van de Beek, Professor of Signal Processing, Luleå University of Technology

Organised by Luleå University of Technology

Making it happen – Swedish companies making an impact on the Canadian mining sector

As the demand for sustainably mined strategic minerals is rapidly growing, Canada will play a crucial role in successfully meeting that demand. With Sweden’s access to the world-class mining cluster, collaboration will be the key to taking Canada closer to the digitised, autonomous, and carbon dioxide-free mine. Epiroc is leading the charge towards sustainability in mining through battery-electric, zero-emissions equipment. As technology enables the automation of functions and operations to make mining operations safer and more efficient, automation is now largely seen as the only feasible way to solve the many challenges the mining industry is facing.

Christina Keighren, Country Manager, Business Sweden, Canada
Shawn Samuels,Business Line Manager Rocvolt Canada, Epiroc

Organised by Business Sweden Canada

Side events

All times are in CET

Innovation across different industries and sectors – a path to reach the UN's global goals?

Future challenges require collaboration and knowledge transfer to a greater extent for innovation. Join this interactive seminar where the project "ReSist" will be presented as an example of cross-industrial collaboration, based on a common technical solution. After the presentation, there will be a broader conversation on co-creation, including a panel discussion.

Organiser: RISE


Meet Japanese young entrepreneurs! Pitch and networking

WASEDA-EDGE runs a highly effective entrepreneurship education program. Its alumni have won global business model competitions and have succeeded fund raising over millions of dollars. Meet the next candidates expected to be global entrepreneurs and unicorn companies of tomorrow. In this session, get an introduction of WASEDA-EDGE program, watch pitches from young entrepreneurs supported by WASEDA-EDGE and attend networking session with the speakers

Organiser: WASEDA EDGE


South Korea's goals of 2050 Carbon Neutrality and how Sweden is contributing

The 13 Swedish companies of the Sweden+Korea Green Transition Alliance are committed to supporting Korea’s efforts to achieve a green and carbon neutral society before 2050. In this session, the Alliance presents how to get market access, create private-public partnerships and find the opportunities for the green transition of the industry in South Korea and Sweden. This will be in the format of seminar and panel discussions.

Organiser: Business Sweden Seoul


International talent matchmaking

Innovative companies, lots of talents and six Swedish Science Parks with an ICT focus come together for this winter's greatest challenge: to find the right match! Don't miss out on this opportunity to match your needs with the competence of international talents. The talent matchmaking attracts international master students as well as more senior talents from around the globe.

Organiser: Sweden ICT


Funding opportunities with Sweden

Get information about relevant funding and networks opportunities for future innovation collaborations you can get involved in from Vinnova.

Organiser: Vinnova


Helping small life science companies turn global goals into actions

For companies in the life science sector, the ability to understand, measure and achieve progress against the SDGs is critical for success. In this seminar, learn about the SmiLe SDG Scan, a rapid assessment tool for early-stage life science companies, which can help innovation-driven startups break down the Global Goals into concrete actions.

Organiser: SmiLe


Futures Thinking - Vinnova meets Sitra

In this event Mikko Dufva, foresight specialist at Sitra, describes their work using foresight and future thinking methods to accomplish their mission in building a successful Finland for tomorrow. As an introduction, we will also describe Vinnova's work on strategic foresight and our current project using speculative design in order to stimulate a dialogue about our joint future. The session will end with a Q&A segment to dig deeper into the topic.

Organisers: Vinnova & Sitra


The innovation window in a process

The innovation process starts immediately after the first thought and idea are generated. This seminar describes how a project can be successful from the very first thought. Furthermore, it will show you how different areas of competence meet, co-create and form a long-term plan that yields an innovation window in time that is continuously updated and moves with the timeline of the main project.

Organiser: Smart Housing Småland


Meet Sting – Get feedback on your business idea

Meet one of Sting’s experienced business coaches for open coaching. Get feedback on your business idea, test your pitch, or discuss how to solve a challenge that’s keeping you up at night.

Organiser: Sting


MAD Think Tank: How do we really shift the systems?

We need to innovate how we are innovating; need to fundamentally turn siloed pockets of social innovation to synergistic societal systems and pool resources to unlock systemic change. Through a mix of panel discussions and interactive co-creation, the MAD Think Tank will explore how we shift the systems, and discover what needs to be true from drastically diverse perspectives to turn this vision into reality.

Organiser: MAD - Make A Difference


Innovation that includes everyone! The example of ‘Users as Experts’

The digital transformation of society has to work for everyone. And with new rules and regulations in place, the need for digital accessibility is greater than ever. But how do we meet that need? Users as Experts is the first course on web accessibility for, by, and with persons with disabilities. In this digital seminar, learn about the ongoing pilot implementation of the course, how it revolves around the co-creation of insight and expertise, and how this works as a system demonstrator, showing how its user involvement approach contributes to more inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Organiser: Funka


Västerbotten without borders - Co-creation of public healthcare and delivery of digital care for the future

Gain insight into the evolution of digital care in Västerbotten provided by competencies around the world. We will show you the example of Västerbotten, Northern Sweden, and how we are tackling the challenge of delivering world-class care to our citizens with challenging demography with help from other parts of Europe. Join us for an inspiring seminar showing live demo sessions including care on distance from Spain to Västerbotten.

Organiser: Region Västerbotten


How we manage to keep our national aerospace sector up there with the big ones

Innovair, Sweden’s national strategic innovation programme for aeronautics, is a collaborative and strategic organisation developing, initiating, and fulfilling strategic initiatives in selected areas to strengthen the conditions for the aeronautics sector in Sweden. Find out more about Sweden is steadily improving their position in this internationally competitive sector. A range of stakeholders will give their views on how they are able to do what they do with coordination and support from Innovair.

Organiser: Innovair


New forest - Autoplant

The forest is an important resource in a bio-based society, as forest biomass production facilitates phase-out of fossil fuels. Forestry requires sustainable methods where seedlings survive and grow quickly. Join this seminar to learn more about the collaboration project Autoplant, an autonomous forest regeneration for a sustainable bioeconomy. Researchers, manufacturers and users will discuss the problems and present solutions. There will also be time for a Q&A.

Organiser: Autoplant


The region of Blekinge – Sweden’s beacon of maritime and blue innovation

An introduction to the region of Blekinge as a platform and a living lab for creating innovative solutions to restore the world's oceans and waters. This seminar aims to find possible collaboration partners with organisations, companies and other stakeholders.

Organiser: Business Blekinge


International co-creation on lightweight

In this webinar, LIGHTer will show examples of how to join forces to co-create innovative lightweight solutions. Learn more about co-creating an European research agenda, cross-disciplinary research and Ph.D. networks within lightweight, how to perform cross-sectoral innovation projects and the international startups to collaborate with Swedish testbeds and company networks.

Organiser: SIP LiGHTer


A live case of an inclusive ecosystem for innovation

Helping entrepreneurs transform their innovations into viable business ideas and successful companies requires an environment that supports inclusion, collaboration and interaction between academia, industry and business. In this seminar, hear about how SmiLe has achieved an ecosystem that ensures an inclusive and successful journey from university to market, through the development of a range of tools, processes and training programs.

Organiser: SmiLe


The innovation window in a process

The innovation process starts immediately after the first thought and idea are generated. This seminar describes how a project can be successful from the very first thought. Furthermore, it will show you how different areas of competence meet, co-create and form a long-term plan that yields an innovation window in time that is continuously updated and moves with the timeline of the main project.

Organiser: Smart Housing Småland


IndTech - Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable connected industry

Listen in to how Automation Region and the strategic innovation program PiiA, Processindustrial IT & Automation, create knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities using a design thinking approach. In this IndTech Silicon Valley project, the partners create sparks between Swedish industry and technology software frontiers from Silicon Valley, building a foundation for long term collaboration. In this session the Swedish industry will share their success stories from ongoing collaborations as well as a sneak peek of what is planned ahead for the upcoming year.

Organiser: Vinnova Silicon Valley


Discover Sweden’s world-unique innovation environment for commercialization within bioeconomy

Get to know more about RISE’s unique test bed environment for commercialization of new technologies, products and services within bioeconomy. Through their internationally leading center, RISE collaborates with an extensive business network of industry, small and medium sized enterprises, startups and academia. You will hear stories of what has been done, what they are currently doing and what they will be able to do in this world-unique innovation environment.

Organiser: RISE Processum


Accelerate electrification through innovation and co-creation

Electrification of transportation and construction is a key enabler to reduce carbon emissions and solve our climate challenges. Learn how to co-create innovative solutions within the value chain, and with unexpected partners, to accelerate the electrification of transports and infrastructure.

Organiser: Vinnova Silicon Valley


Co-creation emergence happening

The metaverse with its vast interactive digital space is a rich landscape for collective expression and new forms of partnerships. Welcome to “Emergence”, an online multimedia experience at the intersection of science, art, and technology. The participants will be able to see and discuss a co-created digital art piece, which is made using selects sent in by the speakers, organizers and participants of the event.

Organiser: Vinnova Silicon Valley