January 18 - Day 2
Preventative health and well-being

The need to ensure equal access to both physical and mental healthcare for all has been thrown into the spotlight due to the ongoing global pandemic, but it’s essential we explore what other issues also need to be addressed within this field.

Day 2 will take a deep dive into how innovation and collaboration are needed to achieve several of the Global Goals, primarily SDG 3, Good Health and Well-being.

This Day 2 program was created in cooperation with AstraZeneca.


Opening remarks


Preventive health and well-being – a crucial Sustainable Development Goal

Preventive health and well-being is more important than ever. This session will set the stage for the day by discussing the current state of the sector, its progress and how to move forward with collaboration, incentives and innovation. It will present a global focus through a Swedish lens.

Maja Fjaestad, State Secretary, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Sweden


Deep dive into today’s global health challenges

With the global health challenges being faced today, we need to move beyond ideas to concrete actions. A lot has been learnt from the pandemic that can be used to create positive impact for people around the world. But it is also important to consider the other most burning issues besides the ongoing pandemic.

Anna Mia Ekström, Professor of Global Transformations for Health, Karolinska Institute
Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor of Global Transformations for Health, Karolinska Institute


Physical exercise on prescription – are we experiencing a paradigm shift within preventive health care?

Explore the new ideas within preventive health, and how Sweden has begun to work with them. How can Swedish initiatives, including physicians prescribing physical exercise, be applied within a global context?

Mats Börjesson, Professor, MD, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, Center for Health and Performance & Sahlgrenska University Hospital


Innovation for healthy life – how can the right people be reached and motivated?

As child obesity and diabetes' rates grow rapidly around the world, insight on preventive methods and how they can be implemented has also grown. These learnings need to be translated into best practices. To do this, a better understanding of what is already available now, what’s coming and what can be done to ensure sustainable prevention from an early age needs to be reached.

Carolina Klüft, Operations Manager, Generation Pep
Ebba Carbonnier, Portfolio Manager Nationally Scalable Solutions for Health, SweLife & Karolinska Institutet Innovations
Fredrik Söder, Founder and CEO, Health Integrator


Panel discussion - The role of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance – a key enabler and threat to global health

This panel will discuss the usage of antibiotics and the effect they have - and can potentially have - on global health and what can be improved. Specifically diving into how new methods of working with antibiotics can affect cancer care.

Kristina Lagerstedt, CEO and Co-founder, 1928 Diagnostics
Otto Cars, Senior Professor, Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University & Founder/Senior Advisor, ReAct
Ulrika Årehed Kågström, Secretary General, Cancerfonden


Technology for better health care – what does the future look like?

Machine learning and robotics have the potential to transform preventive health and detection work, but there are challenges that we must overcome. Is it safe for everyone and do we really want all the possibilities this new technology gives us?

Amy Loutfi, Professor in Information Technology / Head of the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS), Örebro University
Anna Berg Åsberg, Vice President R&D IT, AstraZeneca
Håkan Gustafsson, AI Coordinator, Region Östergötland & Docent & Deputy Director, Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linköping University


The magic of collaboration – Joining forces for the future to reach UN SDG 3

Great innovation can start in a garage, but the greatest inventions of our time are more likely to stem from collaboration than isolation. Is there a golden recipe for global health innovations and how can we make a difference together?

Ebba Hallersjö Hult, Head, Vision Zero Cancer
Magnus Björsne, Executive Director, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
Maja Fjaestad, State Secretary, Minister of Health and Social Affairs


Tomorrow's solutions - meet two startups

During Sweden Innovation Days hundreds of startups/scaleups from 10 countries meet with over 90 international corporates and public organizations in curated matchmaking meetings to ignite innovation through startup x corporate collaboration. Meet with South Korean startup, Cochl and US startup, Latent.ai and learn more about their new technology.

Jags Kandasamy, Co-founder & CEO, LatentAI
Yoonchang Han, Co-founder & CEO, Cochl


Closing Remarks


Fireside chat

Meet Ebba Hallersjö Hult, from Vision Zero Cancer in a fireside chat about the driving forces required for creating a society where no one dies from cancer. She will discuss the importance of strategic collaboration and innovation within the healthcare system to achieve this goal. Moderated by Vinnova's Regina Summer.

Ebba Hallersjö Hult, Head, Innovation Milieu Vision Zero Cancer
Regina Summer, Chief Strategy Officer International Collaborations, Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency



All times in CET

Founders session with Thermaiscan

In this fireside chat, Thermaiscan’s founder will share key learnings from their journey. A startup that has developed a portable pre-screening tool. They are combining thermal technology, AI and a smartphone to find early stage breast cancer and make a positive impact within preventative health.

Moderator: Cathrin Johansson, Community Manager (Startups), Ignite Sweden
Katarina Dalunde Eriksson, Co-founder & CMO, Thermaiscan

Organised by Ignite Sweden

Predictive Movement – A competitive neutral collaboration site for transporting people and goods with the help of AI

Predictive Movement is a digital open source platform and a competitive neutral collaboration site for transporting people and goods with the help of AI. The project aims to solve the challenge with deliveries in rural areas as well as optimizing accessibility and passability in both urban and rural areas alike. Predictive Movement is funded by, among others, Vinnova and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Christian Landgren, Initiator, Predictive Movement & CEO & Founder, Iteam
Johanna Lindberg, Project Manager, Predictive Movement & Postgraduate at Luleå University of Technology

Organised by Luleå University of Technology

Designing missions - A playbook for getting it done.

This deep dive session will share more about Vinnovas toolbox for a mission oriented way of working. Dan Hill from Vinnova will describe the Swedish innovation agency's work leading the implementation of mission-oriented innovation. It will draw from practical yet visionary missions around mobility and food, and describe the techniques and tactics required to get the work moving, as well as the broader context of missions from his work with UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.

Dan Hill, Director of Strategic Design, Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency

Organised by Vinnova Sweden's Innovation Agency

Side events

All times are in CET

SICTA - Sustainable Innovations for Children Travelling Actively

Increased children's active transport promotes children's health, independent mobility, road safety and is beneficial for the environment. In this seminar we share knowledge on how our innovation built on empowerment and gamification, in order to achieve this goal.

Organiser: Luleå University of Technology (SICTA)


Helping women develop successful companies and raise venture capital

Despite the fact that research shows a clear connection between equality, innovation and financial performance, women are still underrepresented in business. At SmiLe diversity and equality is a key success factor and we walk the talk; 50% of our CEOs are female and they raise more venture capital than their male peers. This seminar will discuss how to encourage female entrepreneurship by enabling equal conditions, providing access to venture capital and creating environments where women can network and be inspired by role models.

Organiser: SmiLe


Meet Kista Science City – Testing new innovative solutions in the city of Stockholm

Let’s share knowledge, best practice and the do's and don'ts about testing new innovative solutions in the city of Stockholm.

Organiser: Kista Science City


Collect, sort and recycle marine waste and discarded fishing gear

The world's oceans are facing a growing, global environmental problem with plastic and discarded fishing gear that is left in the ocean. The Testbed Marine Waste is an innovation project with the aim of finding uses for the ocean plastic and increasing the value of the collected materials. Learn how a small municipality started Sweden's first Marine Recycling Center and the work towards a plastic free ocean.

Organiser: Sotenäs Municipality


Digital Twin City for Precision Health

This session will focus on why prediction and prevention are key elements in precision health and why there is a need to develop data driven decision tools. The tool Digital City Twin (DCT) is introduced with its ability to absorb, integrate, and analyze data of individuals, paving the way for precision health, as well as from different levels in society, where data-driven interventions can be optimized and implemented. Case studies show how DCT may be used for decision making within a wide range of areas (health, urban planning, CO2, etc.) on both local, regional, and national levels, as well as how it may be used by researchers and entrepreneurs.

Organiser: Swelife


Brilliant innovation can boost the magic of photosynthesis and pave the way for climate recovery

Society faces new challenges and many of them are related to agriculture. For example, there is a wish to bind more carbon in soils – in order to support the vision of "net zero emissions". Innovation can help to cope with challenges like this. During this seminar, the Vinnova-funded platform Agtech 2030 will show examples on how brilliant innovation can pave the way for future farming.

Organiser: Agtech 2030


The creation of optimal datasets in healthcare data, using the existing infrastructure, automation and data sharing

In this forum, Health Solutions will talk about how their project manages to create optimal national datasets for various diagnoses - including ATMP products and data-generating medtech products. The process also describes surrounding relevant solutions such as block-chain technology and population screening in order to improve datasets.

Organiser: Health Solutions


Swelife Nordic Quantum Life Science

Join us to discuss the applications of Quantum Technologies within life science together with part of our Nordic Quantum Life Science Group. We will be talking about quantum computing within a variety of problems in biochemistry and biology, such as drug discovery, protein folding and metagenomics. Another promising area is quantum sensing, which can be used for higher resolution in the eye and brain plus the area of oxygen saturation. We will start in the diagnostics and treatment area but we are aiming to use quantum technologies for more prediction and prevention to keep our populations healthy.

Organiser: Swelife


Making real change – How startups can model their impact

Today's startups almost always have a greater purpose than just being a unicorn. They want to change the world and make it a better place to live in - both today and for future generations. But translating its larger purpose into measurable data points that show the positive impact you are aiming for is no easy task. Vitala and Insightgap Psychology will share their stories in this inspiring session where we talk about how startups can create their own impact model - and how larger companies can use the same tools for their own business.

Organiser: Uminova Innovation


Investing in the Swedish life science ecosystem - the sustainable innovative hub for connected personalized health and well-being

Welcome to a seminar and workshop with experts, companies and investors showcasing Swedish strengths and opportunities for investments and collaborations in Sweden.

Organiser: Business Sweden


Preventative health – what effects increased collaboration between Sweden and California may have on society, and how we can prevent people from being sick.

In this session we will with key note Professor Gunilla Jacobson deep dive into how Stanford is forefront in preventive healthcare with the goal of having no sick patients at Stanford Hospital. Professor Göran Bergström, will share his insights from an on-going collaboration with a researcher at Stanford. The section will end with a high-level discussion about the importance of international collaborations within precision health, with representatives from Linköping University, from the Swedish Life Science office, from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova and from Stanford Medicine.

Organiser: Vinnova Silicon Valley